In this modern life HEDD®1 is the premier Magneto Electrostatic Detection (MED) Device. This is not only portable even it’s a pocket sized device that allows all types of commercial and military explosives (TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite & Diesel, PETN, RDX, Gunpowder, Semtex, C4 etc.) including liquid explosives (TATP etc.) HEDD®1 can work between 2-100 meters behind all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.). The actual classification of items and areas can be achieved immediately, as it is ready for use with virtually no warm-up time. HEDD®1 is maintenance-free and made for continuous use to all climate conditions. Due to its long-range detection abilities, HEDD®1 is a fantastic complementary tool for everyone existing explosive prognosis with K9 or perhaps vapor tracing strategies, as strategic group and proactive measures become possible for the first time within existing resources. Even weapons and ammunition are going to be detected, which makes HEDD®1 likewise especially advantageous for virtually every police and army applications whether standing or mobile. Fill out our contact form for further information or Call 0359 887 699554

HEDD®1 - Technical data

Explosive detection is a non-destructive inspection process to find out whether a jar contains explosive material. Explosive detection is usually used at large airports, ports and intended for border control. HEDD1 sticks to creating a magnetic field that is specifically modulated by way of its internal container which houses any non explosive/ no radioactive reference source generated for forceful detection. HEDD1, when compared with the previous technology models, also possesses a specific Lithium battery pack that further increases the magnetic field for making the device more sensitive and user-friendly and from now on allows for static recognition, which is especially ideal for detection scenarios from access points. The operator doesn't need to move yet can detect explosives throughout persons, cars and also objects, even though operating behind limitations during covert recognition operations. Police & Military Uses: Magneto Electrostatic Detection (MED) is a useful device for police and militaries. It will help them to full fill their requirements of duty. HEDD1 can deduct any arms or metal thing within 200 meters distance instantly and can inform responsible person at a time. K9 Units Uses: K9 Unites, Police & Military level officers can proudly use this device and can trust on its signal as this device is completed tested by high authority agencies. Bomb Squads & EOD Uses: With K9 unites, police, military level officers bomb squads team members using this device too. This is not only helpful even its reliable device for them. If you own a private security company so do forget to order this device for your staff. Private Security Company Uses: Many private security companies are using our device as they want to be best in their industry and HEDD1 can deliver professional manners in their work. This device makes checking more easy and instantly. Get connected to be updated with this device manufactures.